The translation experts

THE world is becoming a smaller place. Powerful communications networks and rapid means of transport are opening up new opportunities for businesses to trade abroad, but at the same time linguistic barriers can present an obstacle to fluent communication. Sending out marketing literature and written communications may be easy enough at home, but it is not such a simple matter in a foreign language.

Translations Group is a well established global network of highly qualified and experienced translators with strong scientific, technical and business backgrounds. The company is able to undertake work in any subject, specialising particularly in scientific and technical translations and editing.

Dr Alicia Moguilevsky, head of translation and editing, says: We have expertise in an extremely wide range of scientific and industrial fields, and can provide an unparalleled degree of accuracy, precision and quality of service, at competitive rates. We recognise the importance of meeting tight deadlines.

Translations Group is dedicated to producing high quality translations, mainly from English into other languages and vice versa. It also provides an editing and proofreading service for texts in a range of languages.

Among its fields of expertise it has experience in the following areas:

  • Academic and scientific papers
  • Professional reports
  • Sales literature
  • Technical brochures
  • Websites

Translations Group can take the strain. The only thing that you need to do is send your material as attached files via e-mail, in a Word document where possible. Where necessary the company can also accept documents via fax or by post.

Translations Group will kitemark your deadlines and return all work as quickly as possible.

Dr Alicia Moguilevsky says: We ensure the highest possible professional standards in even the most specialised fields, thanks to our global network of consultants. Work is undertaken in the strictest confidence, and virus checks are conducted throughout our systems on a daily basis.

The time taken to translate or edit a document depends on length, complexity and style. Rates are competitive and flexible, depending on the requirements of individual clients. Translations are charged on a price per 1000 words basis, with editing and proofreading charged at an hourly rate. The company can also provide a full price estimate on receipt of text, if required, avoiding surprises further down the line.

Dr Moguilevsky added: Our mission is to meet the high presentational and professional standards that the modern world expects; and we constantly monitor customer satisfaction levels to maintain our standards. We aim to offer a rapid response and a courteous and efficient service, and to provide the quality which will ensure customer loyalty through success.

This article first appeared in the British Chambers of Commerce Export Directory 2005 - 2006