linguistic editing services

  • Translations Group specialises in the revision, correction and linguistic editing of scientific, technical and business documents, from the simple to the complex; also offering suggestions for improving organisation and style. We offer a simple solution to overcoming the language barrier for non-native English speaking academics and business people.

  • Correctness of language, accuracy of statements, clarity of expression, logic and consistency of arguments are essential deliverables. Linguistic errors and ambiguities can cause confusion and may lose you and/or your company prestige and sales. Translations Group can help you to present yourself at your best, across the world.

  • Our editors are all highly qualified and successful academics, all with higher degrees in a variety of subject areas and with a proven record of success in their own specialisation. We expect of them as you expect of us, is our motto.

  • Stringent selection is the policy cornerstone for our global pool of professionals. They have the skills and commitment to deliver your requirements: be they scientific manuscripts, research articles, grant proposals, professional reports, well written letters, web pages, manuals and sales and marketing literature.

  • Contact us for dealing with your needs in any area of business, industry, or in the physical or life sciences: e.g. oceanography, biomedical, palaeontology, petroleum geology, geochemistry, biotechnology, marine biology, biochemistry, agriculture, ecology, forestry, environmental issues, genetics.

  • Our mission is to meet the high presentational and professional standards that the modern world expects; and we constantly monitor customer satisfaction levels to maintain our standards. We aim to offer a rapid response and a courteous and efficient service, and to provide the quality which will ensure customer loyalty through success.

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