who we are and what we do

translations group is an international network of highly qualified and experienced translators, and editors, specialising in scientific and technical translations and linguistic editing and covering a wide diversity of subjects.



We can handle translations from and into English, Asian and most European languages in academic and business subjects.

We translate articles, publications in science and technology, websites and marketing material covering, among others, areas such as:

  • agriculture - food industry
  • biochemistry - biotechnology
  • biomedical & pharmaceutical - genetics
  • earth sciences, geochemistry
  • engineering - industry - technology
  • environmental issues - forestry - soils
  • IT - information technology
  • marine biology, oceanography
  • palaeontology - petroleum geology
  • psychology
  • and other fields in the social, physical and life sciences

translations group's high standard of service, by native speakers of the languages we cover, takes into account accuracy, precision and clarity of expression.


linguistic editing

We specialise in the revision, correction and linguistic editing of technically demanding texts and research articles intended for publication in Journals of international reputation. For this we draw on our own rich experience of successful writing of books, scientific papers, research grant applications, and administrative and quality control documents.

The essential skills of using the right linguistic register and idiomatic expressions often place non-native English language speakers at a disadvantage in a modern competitive world of business and scientific research. We can help you over the linguistic barrier by revising your texts and offering suggestions for improving the structure and organisation of the text.

Our English editors all have higher degrees and proven records of achievement in both linguistic competence and technical knowledge.


We aim to give your documents a truly polished and professional look that will engage with your target business, help to present you at your best across the world and greatly enhance your chances of success.

our professional and courteous service

offers excellence and value