translations group is a network of highly qualified and experienced translators with strong scientific, technical and business backgrounds.

We are able to undertake work in any subject, but specialise in scientific and technical translations and editing.

We recognise the importance of meeting tight deadlines and will do all we can to help you meet yours.

Fast, professional turnaround by highly qualified translators

about us

translations group was established by a team of translators and editors who have been collaborating for a number of years.

We have expertise in an extremely wide range of scientific and industrial fields, so we can provide an unparalleled degree of accuracy and precision at competitive rates.

Furthermore, we recognise from first-hand experience how important deadlines are, and will do all we can to help you meet yours.

translations group provides access to an extensive network of highly qualified translators and editors based in various countries around the world.

Head of Translations and Editing Services

Dr Alicia Moguilevsky, BSc, UBA, Argentina; MSc & PhD, Wales, UK

Translations Group – Head of translations and editing services Dr Moguilevsky's degrees and work experience cover various aspects of Zoological Sciences, Marine Biology and Cytogenetics. She has written, translated and edited scientific papers in both English and Spanish and has worked as a freelance translator for a number of scientific journals. Co-editor of Microfossils and Oceanic Environments. University of Wales, Aberystwyth Press, 434pp. 1996.

She is also a part-time tutor in the Department of European Languages of the University of Wales, Aberystwyth (UK)

Chief English Language Editors

Dr Martin Angel, MA, Natural Sciences, Cantab; PhD, Bristol, UK

Translations Group – Senior Linguistic Editor Both as an experienced researcher and as an author, Dr Angel's work covers different aspects of Marine Biology & Ecology, including Oceanography and Biodiversity of the Oceans.

He is the lead writer for the OSPAR Quality Status Report and has 22 years of editorial experience as co-editor of Progress in Oceanography.

Dr Keith James (MS Houston, Dip. Micropal., PhD Wales, CGeol) - UK - Spain

Translations Group editor Dr Keith James Geologist, former Chief Geoscientist with Conoco, Houston, and Geological Advisor, Shell International, The Hague. Specialised fields: petroleum geology, structural geology, regional tectonics, sedimentology. Ongoing research: geology of Middle America and global tectonics. Senior editor of Geological Society, London, Special Publication 328 The Origin and Evolution of the Caribbean Plate, 2009. President: Asociación Congresos Geológicos Sigüenza.

Professor Neil Jones, BSc, PhD, DSc (Wales, UK), FIBiol, CBiol

Translations Group – Senior Linguistic Editor Prof Jones has degrees in Plant Science and Genetics, and is an experienced researcher in plant genetics and author/co-author of six text books and more than a hundred journal papers and reviews.

He has extensive experience as referee and assessor for a number of international journals and research bodies, and has extensive editorial experience working with colleagues in other languages.

Dr Cedric Mortimer OBE, BSc, PhD, (University College London), FRGS, FIMMM

Translations Group – Science editor Dr Mortimer is a geologist, geographer, researcher and explorer, the leader of acclaimed British (DFID) and internationally supported development projects in South East Asia, South America, the Middle East, Africa and the South Pacific.

He directs onshore and offshore research, exploration and survey and provides in-service technical training and English editing for counterpart scientists from many cultures.

Business Language Associate

Helen Gibbons, MA languages, Cambridge; Diplôme Supérieur de Français des Affaires, Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie, Paris; Institute of Bankers examination passes in Law & Accountancy - UK, Spain, The Netherlands

Translations Group – Business Language Associate Helen has a background in international banking and has worked as a freelance financial translator for 24 years. She specialises in banking, finance, accounting, economics and corporate governance and works from French, Dutch, German and Spanish into English.


our services

translations group is dedicated to producing high quality translations, mainly from English into other languages and vice versa. We also provide an editing and proofreading service for texts in a range of languages.

Among our fields of expertise we have experience in the following areas:

  • Academic and scientific papers
  • Professional reports
  • Sales literature
  • Technical brochures
  • Websites

Translations Group offers outstanding service:

  • Competitive rates
  • Quick, efficient turnaround
  • Highly qualified translators and editors
  • Ability to handle scientific and technical papers
  • We can translate and edit in a number of other languages via our international network of associates

A high quality service at highly competitive rates


working practice

Manuscripts should be sent to us as attachment files via e-mail

Please send as a Word document where possible. In certain circumstances we can accept manuscripts via fax or by post.

We understand the need to meet tight deadlines and endeavour to return all work as quickly as possible.

We ensure the highest possible professional standards in even the most specialised fields thanks to our global network of consultants.

  • All work is undertaken in the strictest confidence
  • Virus checks are conducted throughout our systems on a daily basis

Fast, professional turnaround guaranteed



The time taken to translate or edit a paper depends on its length, complexity and style. Consequently, our translation rates are flexible, depending on the requirements of each individual client.

Translations are charged on a price per 1000 words basis; editing and proofreading are charged at an hourly rate.

A minimum charge of £55 applies to all work undertaken.

Our rates are extremely competitive. Please note that we can provide a full price estimate on receipt of your text, if required.

Payment Details

Price estimates can be supplied on submission of material


contact us

For further information on our services or to submit a manuscript, please contact

  • (UK): 01970 611960
    (international): +44-1970 611960

We welcome your enquiries and comments